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The geospatial industry may be one that is unfamiliar to most, but it involves pioneering of various technology and skillsets to support construction, engineering, and marine and offshore sectors. H3 Geospatial Technologies aims to pioneer innovative solutions and exceed the demands for geospatial technology in Singapore with Neo John Ji at its helm.

With state-of-the-art products leveraging on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G technology complemented by client-centric services and deep expertise, they deeply value innovation, excellence, and development.

Endless upskilling and learning

John himself is no exception, as he never misses out on an opportunity for self-development and upskilling. Despite possessing over 15 years in the geospatial industry and 10 years of management experience, he still pursues new skillsets such as the Practising Management Consultant (PMC) certification and a Doctor of Business Administration.

John keeps the same philosophy when it comes to his employees, believing in continuous upskilling for our workforce by investing in ongoing learning and development. This seeks to “empower [his] employees to adapt to evolving technologies and industry trends, fostering innovation, resilience, and a culture of excellence.”

Why is ongoing learning and development important?

As the geospatial technology landscape evolves rapidly, John finds that the workforce may face challenges in keeping up with emerging tools and methodologies, leading to skills gaps and technological obsolescence.

At the same time, shifts in customer preferences, regulatory requirements, or market dynamics may require his employees to acquire new skills or adapt existing ones to remain competitive and meet evolving client needs.

Reskilling employees and new hires

As his employees may occasionally fall behind market needs, John saw the opportunity to reskill and upskill them at the same time through a career conversion.

Leveraging on the Career Conversion Programme (CCP), he was able to ensure that his employees could acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to avoid becoming obsolete in the face of the changing market demands.

He put a total of 9 total employees through the CCP, featuring career changes such as converting a Technician into a Sales Engineer.

This not only helped to ensure the continued relevance of Singapore’s workforce but also positions H3 Geospatial Technologies as a leader in the industry, capable of delivering innovative solutions and exceeding customer expectations.

Do you want to leverage on the CCP as well to upskill your employees?

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