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A word to describe Dylan Ng and Lionsbot? Innovation.

With achievements such as winning the Amsterdam Award for Innovation in 2020 and opening the largest cleaning robot factory in Southeast Asia, Dylan and Lionsbot as been at the forefront of robots and innovation in the region.

Lionsbot’s efforts to propel innovation include opening the robot factory and supporting events such as the RoboClash at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). But more importantly, they also ensure that their employees are always well-developed.

Why is innovation so important to Lionsbot?

When it comes to their values and priorities of meeting evolving user needs, innovation is sorely needed to adapt and provide more effective and personalised solutions. In the case of Lionsbot, it allows them to create new features to enhance the customers’ user experience, such as more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

This is just as applicable for any business out there, as innovation allows for companies to identify new opportunities for growth, partnerships, revenue streams, etc. A culture of experimentation encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and calculated risks – all of which will eventually allow a business to soar for success in the long run.

Developing employees to fuel innovation

Employees are the life force in every company, and well-developed employees are the key to innovation.

Dylan finds that by allowing for continuous learning and upskilling, his employees can bring about diverse perspectives, communication skills, problem-solving, leadership, and more. Their enhanced creativity and entrepreneurial spirit naturally will then facilitate further innovation by thinking out of the box with new approaches towards problems.

Most importantly, he believes that it is vital that this allows his employees to feel engaged, motivated, and committed to their work – which leads to higher retention rates and reduced turnover.

Issued faced when developing employees for innovation

Developing employees for innovation is much easier said than done, and Dylan is no stranger to the obstacles that one can face.

Most common problems that Dylan and most companies will face are a lack of resources and support or employees lacking necessary skills, while other obstacles may include a fear of failure or lack of morale and motivation.

It is not easy to obtain vital resources – especially when it comes to finances – to ensure that your employees are able to get the skills and support that they need.

Using the Career Conversion Programme to develop employees

Fortunately, Dylan came to know of the Career Conversion Programme (CCP) – the government grant that allows companies to reskill and upskill employees with financial support.

Using the CCP, Dylan gained renewed employees such as Seah Tat Leong, who switched careers from a Product Manager to a Senior UX Engineer.

With the help of the CCP, he reskilled Seah accordingly while receiving salary support during the training duration for him to be officially reborn as a Senior UX Engineer.

With the addition of Seah to the team, he was able to vastly improve innovation in the team with renewed thinking and creative problem-solving, such as improving and redesigning the user experience, guiding his team to think out of the box and from the users’ perspectives.

Seah also functioned as a leader, developing the roadmap and aligning the team’s objectives while mentoring and guiding his juniors. This allowed for more focused teamwork towards innovating a better user experience for Lionsbot’s customers. He has also since promoted to become the Head of UX, where he is able to shine even brighter than before.

Reskilling for greater innovation and development

The CCP is an ideal opportunity for any business looking to enhance their processes via reskilling their employees, especially new hires from different experiences as they will be able to bring in fresh perspectives and unique skillsets.

If you would like to find out more about CCP, you can register your interest below and we will reach out to you.