Career Conversion Programme for Wholesale Trade Professionals

About Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Wholesale Trade Professionals 

The Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Wholesale Trade Professionals aims to reskill locals with non-related working experience to take up any of the following job roles:

- Trade Operations Executive
- Procurement/ Sourcing Executive/ Manager
- Trade Finance Manager
- Carbon/ LNG/ Hydrogen Trader/ Analyst
- Compliance Specialist
- Supply Chain Professionals
- Sustainability Analyst/ Manager
- Sustainability Finance and Strategy Manager
Note: The above is not an exhaustive list of job roles.

Administered by the Workforce Advancement Federation (WAF), the CCP operates under the following modes:

  • Place-and-Train: Reskill mid-career individuals (new hires) for their new roles to support business growth.
  1. Redeployment/ Job Redesign (JR) Reskilling: Targeted at companies that are undergoing business transformation, and where their existing workers are at risk of redundancy or in vulnerable jobs due to the transformation. These workers will be reskilled to take on new job roles or redesigned job roles that are of higher value-add within the same company.

This CCP trains individuals who wish to make a career switch in the areas of trade operations, facilitation, and compliance through structured On-the-Job Training (OJT) by their employers.

Programme Details

Selected applicants will undergo screening, interview and shortlisting process as determined by the hiring employer.

Employers must commit to working with WSG and the appointed programme partner on necessary administrative matters related to CCP. 

Full-time/ Part-time


Duration of Programme

New Hires

6 months, comprising structured On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Existing Employees (Redeployment)

6 months, comprising structured OJT

Existing Employees (JR Reskilling)

3 months, comprising structured OJT


Funding Support

WSG’s Funding to Employers

Standard Rate

Enhanced Rate


Salary Support


Up to 70% of monthly salary for CCP training duration (capped at $4,000 per month)


Up to 90% of monthly salary

for CCP training duration

(capped at $6,000 per month)

For Singapore Citizen (SC) trainees who are unemployed and actively seeking employment for six months or more, and/or SC trainees aged 40 years and above in the year of commencement of the CCP.


Contact WAF

Workforce Advancement Federation Ltd (WAF)
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 8866 3603 / 9270 8652