Career Conversion Programme For Biomedical Manufacturing Industry

The CCP for Biomedical Manufacturing Industry aims to attract new hires (PMETs and/or Rank-and-Files) to the industry, specifically targeting mid-career individuals who can be from adjacent sectors doing a similar role, or from the same industry taking on a different role.

Additionally, the programme also seeks to provide training and reskilling opportunities to existing employees (PMETs and/or Rank-and-Files), helping them prepare for redesigned and enhanced job roles during periods of business transformation.

Companies that participate in the programme and implement a structured On-the-Job training (OJT) plan can benefit from salary support of up to 90%* of the employees’ salary for a period of 3 to 12 months of the employment period*.

PMET stands for Professionals, Managers, Executives & Technicians.

This CCP comprises of the following two modes:


Benefits of Programme

Job Role Transition Opportunities

The CCP for the Biomedical Manufacturing Industry focuses on reskilling individuals with non-related working experience, including those from adjacent sectors with similar roles or individuals within the same industry looking to transition into different roles.


The programme offers opportunities to take up various job roles within the industry, including:

Rank-and-Files Positions

PMET Positions

1.Production Operator

2.Assembly technician / Assembler

3.Material Handler

1.Biotechnologist / Microbiologist / Chemist

2.Bioprocess Engineer / Scientist

3.Validation / Regulatory Affairs Specialist

4.Production Technician / Engineer

5.Quality Control (QC) / Quality Assurance (QA)

6.Research and Development


To explore additional job roles offered under CCP for the Biomedical Manufacturing Industry, please click HERE. Kindly note that the provided job roles are not comprehensive, contact us for more information and to discover further opportunities.

PMET stands for Professionals, Managers, Executives & Technicians.

Programme Details and Duration

The Programme for the CCP encompasses a structured On-the-Job Training (OJT) component. Individuals (PMETs and Rank-and-Files) will undergo comprehensive OJT throughout the designated duration of the programme.

This immersive learning experience is designed to enhance their capabilities and facilitate a smooth transition into their new positions. By actively engaging in practical training, they will acquire valuable skills and knowledge that directly align with the requirements of their roles, ensuring a solid foundation for success.

Programme Duration for PMETs:

Programme Duration for Rank-and-Files:

Salary Support

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for CCP for the Biomedical Manufacturing Industry, individuals (PMETs and/or Rank-and-Files) employed by companies must meet the following criteria:

-Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

-Minimum age of 21

-Graduated or completed National Service at least 2 years* prior to CCP application.

-Full time employment or contract terms that are no less than 1 year.

-Minimum gross salary of $1,800

-For new hires: The newly trained job role should be substantially different from previous job role.

-For new hires: CCP enrolment must be approved within the first 3 months of employment (take note of the processing time of minimum 10 working days).

-For existing employees: They will be reskilled to undertake new job role or redesigned job role with greater value-add within the same company.


PMET stands for Professionals, Managers, Executives & Technicians.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.


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